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The recirculating ballscrew is a device that allows to transform a rotatory motion into a translatory motion. It consists of a screw and of a nut screw with concave threading, made in order to get the parts coupled by means of balls whose purpose is to obtain the transformation of the motion into rolling friction conditions rather than in sliding friction ones, so attaining a much higher efficiency than that of the traditional sliding-coupled screw/nut screw.
A better efficiency results into less energy converted into friction, so reducing the dilatations and increasing the lifetime, and allows to get higher performances already by using the same power and to improve the accuracy thanks to the preloading possibilities for managing the clearance and the higher elastic strains (axial stiffness).
During the operation, the balls can be kept in the nut screw threads both at single thread-level by means of a baffle that allows to step over the crest of the thread by means of an obligatory (internal) passage, or between more threads by channelling the balls in a pipe that connects the first thread to the (external) last one. The first one minimizes the dimensions of the nut screw by sacrificing a part of the balls in use per revolution, the second one maximizes the filling at loss of a larger encumbrance.
Since more than 40 years Scaravella F.lli srl has been producing ground recirculating ballscrews on Customer’s specification. The huge quantity of different types of the requested screws allowed the company to make a wide catalogue of the recirculating ballscrews employed on the most different industrial appliances.

The ground recirculating ballscrews of Scaravella F.lli can be made with:
- Class of accuracy 3-5-7, according to ISO 3408 Standard
- Diameter from 16 mm up to 63 mm
- Pitch from 4 mm up to 40 mm
- Length up to 5600 mm
- Dynamic load from 800 daN up to 10.000 daN
- Static load from 1.000 daN up to 17.000 daN