Jammings, discontinuity in the movement, noise during the work signal the decay of the screw -nut screw system and lead, after a while, to a machine out-of-operation condition. Often, a scarce lubrication, the contact of the re-circulating ball screw with the residuals of the machining cycles as well as particularly heavy working conditions worsen the wear of the parts and reduce the life of a screw. Facing such a situation, the technician appointed to the repairs can only replace the screw - nut screw system.
It isn’t always necessary to replace the re-circulating ball screw with a new one; the experience of our technicians appointed to the tests’ execution, the quality of our machinings and the accuracy of our testing instruments allow our Overhaul Department to check the screws produced BY ANY MANUFACTURER, to accurately evaluate their conditions and to restore, whenever possible, their previous operational features.

This service, carried out with the utmost celerity, will allow You to reuse Your re-circulating ball screw within a few days, so limiting as far as possible Your operative difficulties. The experience ripened by SCARAVELLA F.lli s.r.l in overhauling the precision re-circulating ball screws allows us to offer a service which is more and more appreciated by all our Customers, no matter what their industrial size is.