Informative about privacy and cookie policy

According to the art. 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/03 "Sole Text about Privacy" (farther on simply named "Law"), we want to give you following information:
1) the personal and Registrars’ office data possibly communicated to SCARAVELLA F.lli S.r.l. will be treated by fully observing the above mentioned directions and within the limits of the privacy obligations foreseen in the same ones;
2) by treatment of personal data according to the art. 4, comma 1, letter a) of the Law, “any operation or series of operations, also if performed without the support of electronic instruments, concerning the gathering, the recording, the organization, the filing, the consulting, the processing, the modification, the selection, the extraction, the comparison, the use, the interconnection, the blocking, the communication, the diffusion, the cancellation and the destruction of data, even if not registered in a data bank” is meant. The treatment of the communicated personal data is performed through automated and not automated instruments, with controlled access and according to the directions specified in the Annex B of the Law.
3) the data are treated for institutional purposes that are connected or instrumental to the activity of SCARAVELLA F.lli S.r.l., such as filing activity, processing and data management;
4) the data are gathered and registered in such a way to allow the access to the same ones only to authorized subjects: it will be possible to treat them, by fully observing the above mentioned purposes, exclusively inside SCARAVELLA F.lli S.r.l.;
6) the data will be possibly communicated to third parties only and limitedly to the accomplishment of tasks bound to the book-keeping imposed by the fiscal laws and with the exception of any possible request made by the judicial authority.

Besides, we inform you that anybody interested can exert the rights specified at the art.7 of the Law; By exerting those rights, the interested person can confer, in writing, delegation or proxy to physical persons or to associations; Titular of the data treatment is SCARAVELLA F.lli S.r.l., in the person of its legal representative; The treatment of the data is performed through instruments suitable to grant their security and privacy, as specified in the Annex B of the Law. For the rights of access, correction, integration, cancellation, opposition to the treatment described at the art. 7 of the Code, you can contact the Responsible of the data treatment at SCARAVELLA F.lli S.r.l. by sending an e-mail to the following address:


Informative relevant to the typologies and to the use of cookies on our site
In this page you can find the necessary information on the use of the cookies made on this internet site, as well as the modalities for identifying them and either inhibiting or cancelling them.
This Policy can be updated in any moment because of a modification of the directives in force or because of any change in the configuration and typology of the used cookies.

What are the cookies
The cookies are short strings that are saved, during the navigation on the Web site, on the computer, on the Smartphone or on the tablet of the user and that allow our site to acknowledge the user after his first visit and to consequently improve his use experience.

Technical cookies
Among the technical cookies, that do not require an expressed consent for their use, the Italian Guarantor for the protection of the personal data also includes:
• the “analytical cookies” in the case they are directly used by the site manager in order to gather information, in aggregated way, on the number of users and on the way the same ones visit the site itself,
• the navigation or the session cookies (for getting authenticated, for making a purchase, etc.),
• the functionality cookies, that allow the user to navigate according to a series of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for the purchase), in order to improve the service offered to the same one.

Profiling cookies
For the profiling cookies, that means for those purposed to create profiles relevant to the user and used in order to send advertising messages aligned with the preferences expressed by the same one within the web navigation, a preventive consent of the user is required.

Cookies of third parties
During the navigation on the Site, the User can receive on his terminal also cookies of different sites or web servers (cookies of "third parties") on which some elements can reside (such as, for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of other domains) present on the site the same one is visiting. In this case , such cookies are defined by a web site different from the one you are presently visiting.

Which are the cookies we use and for which purpose
On the internet site the cookies of the analysis software Google Analytics are used in order to get statistical information of aggregated type, useful for evaluating the web site use and the activities performed by the visitor. Google memory-stores the information collected by the cookie on servers that can be also dislocated in the United States. Google keeps the right to transfer the information collected through its cookie to third parties whenever this is required by law or whenever the third subject processes information by himself. Google will not associate your IP address to any other datum owned by Google itself in order to obtain a more detailed user profile. The Google Analytics cookies are to be considered as cookies of third parties (Google or companies connected to it), and their way to operate is outlined by the privacy policy of Google, consultable at this page.

Cookies’ name Typology Part Expiration Cookies’ purpose and description
_ga Analytical cookie Third 2 years It keeps a trace, in an anonymous way, of the pages you visit and produces statistical data that we use in order to monitor the use of the site and to improve the quality of the service we offer to you.
_gat Analytical cookie Third 10 minutes It is used in order to distinguish among different monitoring objects created in the session, it is updated every time any data are sent to Google Analytics.
__utmb Analytical cookie Third 2 years These cookies are used in order to collect information about the way users use our site. We use the information in order to compile reports and to improve the site. Cookies collect information in an anonymous way, even included the number of visitors of the site, their provenance and the pages they visited.
displayCookieConsent Technical cookie First 1 year This type of cookie is used in order to keep trace of the user consent and in order eventually not to propose again the short informative on the cookies in the future pages or eventually at the user second visit.

To accept or refuse the cookies is in your rights
By navigating on our site you implicitly consent to the use of the above mentioned cookies. For predefined settings, the browsers generally accept the use of the cookies both coming from our site and from third sites. Anyway it is possible to modify such settings and to indistinctly choose between the unconditional acceptance, the visualization of a popup window requiring an explicit action from the user or the refusal of the cookies. In order to manage the use of the cookies it is necessary to modify the browser settings through the relevant instruments bar.
Here following we report the links to the resources describing the cookies’ management modalities for the more popular browsers:

Internet Explorer: management of the cookie
Mozilla Firefox: how to eliminate the cookies; how to block the sites’ cookies
Google Chrome: management of the cookie
Opera: management of the cookie
Safari: management of the cookiee and website data

It is possible to inhibit the cookies of Google Analytics by visiting the web page of Google (Google GaOptOut) and by unloading the additional component for the used browser.