Revision April 2020

With a view to pursuing full customer satisfaction, consolidating and developing competitiveness, SCARAVELLA defines and promotes the Quality Policy through the commitment of all those that work in and for the company.

The achievement of the quality goal, to be intended as the continuous improvement of the quality of in-house products, services and processes, requires the involvement of all and the awareness of the individual role and responsibility in pursuing the goals.

Reference points of the Management System are dedication to the customer and the interested parties, professional excellence, reliability of the products and services offered, innovation and

The guidelines of the business Quality Policy that the organisation intends to pursue through the systematic application of the quality system and analysis of the context, translate into precise commitments by the Management on the following points that are assessed through the analysis of specific indicators:

  • Through ongoing attention to requested and mandatory requirements, demands and expectations constantly monitoring the level of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty to improve the Quality perceived externally, preventing complaints and respecting delivery deadlines, delivering the customer a high-value product and service
  • Interfacing with Customer and speed of response
  • Continuous improvement with interest in market development
  • Demand full respect of the quality requirements requested facilitating suppliers through constant and constructive collaboration combined with raising awareness on the Quality Policy
Internal resources
  • The vast and systematic involvement of all employees: basic prerequisite for continuous improvement, developing their skills, encouraging and facilitating the participation, and sharing of quality goals
  • Safety at work
  • Open to understanding staff needs
Quality and improvement
  • Technological and organisational innovation to improve the internal processes and, consequently, the image and competitiveness of the Organisation
Interested parties
  • Ensure the needs and expectations of the interested parties

The Quality System, in all its phases, constitutes a priority element for the Management, and for all employees, who must ensure a constant personal commitment in supporting the System and in verifying its performance.

The Management is committed to developing and continuously improving the quality system assessing its efficacy ensuring:

  • planning of the quality system aimed at achieving the goals set
  • review of the quality system with measurable goals and results
  • appropriate communication processes
  • investments in machines and resources
  • definition of the necessary infrastructures
  • the assurance of a suitable workplace through the introduction of rules and procedures to minimise the risk of accidents, injuries and exposure to health hazards for the entire staff and all the collaborators
  • identification of staff training and education needs
  • respect for the environment and sustainable development


14 April 2020                                                                                                                                                  The Management